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October 28, 2011 / Nikhil Jain

“Start of My Life”

Sleepy Eyes

I don’t know,what was I thinking when I came to this world but even then I composed this poem by my imagination.This poem is truly based on my thinking and imagination. All the feelings I have described in this poem.

That fantastic day
when I was born,
Seeing me,All say
At the morn,

An angel face
With little hands,
Participated in race
On this land,

Tiny fingers
Feeling life,
While a linger
At that time for drive,

New-new questions
In my sleepy eyes,
And long-long sessions
For my size.

Start of my life
Just a beginning,
For my deep dive
In the sea dreaming.

After the compostion of this poem,I read it and feel that I reached back in my past.


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