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January 6, 2012 / Nikhil Jain

“Another birthday came”

Hiii frnds, yesterday was my birthday and I had composed my poem with my views about this day. I started composing this poem yesterday but completed it today.
At birthday,I realised that all wishes are fake except your friend’s wishes and one more thing I am noticing from years that some people never remember you for years but at every birthday,you will recieve their wishes.
Another thing is that everyday tension and stress of study never leave you even at the day of your birth.As to express my feelings,I had composed this poem and the poem is in front of you.

Another birthday came
Again all the same,
The one day fame,
Just for the name

All morning wishes
Wishing kisses,
And sweetest dishes
are all lying fishes

Always alone
In a sad tone
remembered at morn
On the day of born

Whole life unknown
Like a spoiled corn,
Only the day of born
make me shown,

The above lines describes the bad feeling of birthday.

Sometimes feels pleasure
which has no measure
Like Joy’s treasure,
Unboundly leisure,

Thank God…!
For this day a lot,
Finally I wrote
A poem,a thought

The above lines describes the good feeling on birthday.

About the poem-

I found that birthday came and go and nothing changes at this day.
The first three stanzas describes that the birthday is one day fame day and the whole fame is just for name.All morning wishes and sweetest dishes are all lies.I lived unknown for years but the birthday make me shown to the world.
The last 2 stanzas describes that it feels unmeasurable pleasure sometimes when someone wishes us.
And finally completed this poem.

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