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January 6, 2012 / Nikhil Jain

“Just to dance”

This is updated version of my recent poem. I found it better from that version so I had deleted the recent one. This poem composed after the suggestions from sister Malena(Maria Grujicic). So lot of thanks to her.

A dream to dance
bound under the fence,
Hidden and forbidden
surrounded by net,

Which wanted to free,
But can’t, as it was me
who buried it
under the sea,

But one day came
when I felt shame,
Unrestricted and unbound,
I let it free,

At the night
In the dark light,
I stepped up staircase
And reached my chamber,

After wearing shoes
And pants loose,
Without the music,
track and beat,

I was ready to dance
And shook my hands,
With rhythmic breath
Reveal my feet…

About the poem-

This poem is an autobiography which tells the story of fear and shyness to dance. This poem describes how I let my dream to be free from restrictions when I felt shame at myself one day. While there was no music,track and beat but with the rhythme of breath,I started to dance and reveal my feet.

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