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April 10, 2012 / Nikhil Jain

“Me Unheard”

This is a Persona Poem about a lady whose life is like hell and his husband and kids are also against her.
Here it is….

My Life was written
as a painful glory
But no one read
my struggling story
Unknown and Unheard
I was living my life
without any destiny
while walking on knives
“Who am I?”
I used to ask myself
when I got
nowhere help
A good mother
or a good wife
I even didn’t know
what was the meaning of my life?
Along with my husband
my kids also blamed
That what had I done
good for them?

I never tried
to answer that question
but when became too much
it was required as a lesson
One day, as I planned
I didn’t do any work
I even didn’t cook food
and also left the clothes with dirt
Then asked my husband,
“Is there any food at home?”
and also asked my son-“I have to go to school,
Where are my clothes,mom?
I remained unheard
and never spoke a word
then slept in my room
which was empty and full of gloom
My husband and kids
then came to me
understood their mistake
so asked for sorry
Then I forgot all my woes
and my tears started to flow
Then everything set all right
and I ended this fight.

9/30 NaPoWriMo 30/30


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