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May 29, 2012 / Nikhil Jain

“mis amor” (Spanish)

Ah! mis corazoncito,
¿donde ha tú va?
Me buscar usted
desde lugar a lugar,
pero no puedo buscar tú
¿donde es tú?

la sentimientos de mis corazon
por usted
es todo como estrellas
en el cielo,
y mis amor por usted
es como la luna
entre ellos,

pero ¿cómo
ha tú olvidado todo estas?
mis sentimientos
y mis vida,
que yo vivir por tú,
¿donde eres?
mis amor,
¿donde eres?

English Translation:

Oh! My sweetheart,
where have you gone?
I find you
from place to place
but I can’t find you,
where are you?

The feelings of my heart
for you
are all like stars
in the sky
and my love for you
is like the moon
among them,

but how
have you forgotten all these?
my feelings
and my life
that I live for you,
Tell me,
where are you?
my love
Tell me,
where are you?

I just wrote this poem as a way to learn Spanish language because I’m unable to learn verbs of spanish. Its too difficult to learn so I choosed this way to learn Spanish verbs easily.

Would that you’ve enjoyed this…..comments please 🙂 .


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  1. Archana / May 29 2012 1:08 AM

    Ahaan! So much mush!

    • Nikhil Jain / May 29 2012 10:45 PM


  2. Malena / May 30 2012 3:16 PM


    • Nikhil Jain / May 30 2012 3:55 PM

      ¡muy muy gracias hermana!

  3. the blogging disciple / Sep 3 2012 2:49 AM

    Nice! I can’t believe you can write poetry in three languages! Impressive. Perhaps you should change your title to Poet – Polyglot! 😉 🙂

    • Nikhil Jain / Sep 5 2012 2:46 PM

      Well I have to improve my spanish for it…


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