Poem: “Voice of Mother Earth”

This is the updation of my Poem “Voice of Earth (A Biography)

Once I was green
Once I was blue
But now my humans,
what happened to you?
Why don’t you
hear my voice?
While I scream
among noise,

You are changed,
You have made me dark,
Full of bricks, plastics
wooden and iron parts,
My beauty is turning
to widespread trash,
Just for your
little amount of cash,

I have cared you
from years to years,
Fed you food and
gave clothes to wear,
gave you plants,
and beautiful trees
and to sail on
gave you wide seas,

But even then,my children
you destroy everything,
you think of yourself
as my empire’s king,
While piercing knives
      in my chest,
you don’t understand that
you’re ruining your own nest,

And when you will understand
the worth of mine,
Nothing will be left
even your ‘Mother Earth’ divine.

Message: “Save our Nature, Save our existence.”

Written on 19 March 2013 and is posted today… Sorry to make you wait 🙂

Posted for Real Toads Open Link Monday


26 thoughts on “Poem: “Voice of Mother Earth”

  1. Perfect for Earth Day!

  2. …. speaks beautifully to what’s happening on a daily basis to Earth!

  3. beautiful … I hope there is still time to save our beautiful mother.

    1. Right Laura, if we slow down the consumption of natural resources and strictly stop wasting them… Then our mother earth can be saved 🙂

  4. As Helen says, this poem speaks beautifully to the problems we are causing to our own nest,,,if only we could change that before it’s to late,,

    1. Hmmm…. There must be a change so that our mother earth can be saved, Thanks for visiting 🙂

  5. Perfect poem on this magical day!
    A gorgeous tribute!
    Love your voice as Mother Earth

  6. This is SO true. Some of us have known for years. Some try to ignore it. Unfortunately, here in Canada, we have a government which ignores it. I cry for Canada, and for its mother, Earth.

    1. No worries Kay! The govt. would rise one day and would take strict steps for saving our Mother Earth…

  7. I’m from the States, and it took us about 250 years to lay waste to an entire country as well as the planet, plus decimate the First Nations indigenous peoples. So I have no illusions about Government saving us. Too many rules and regs, and too many people yelling “Smaller Government” who actually need MORE government, because they are the Hummer drivers, the boat owners, the patrons of cruise ships… the greedy, wasteful folks. We here at my home recycle, write letters and send emails to Congress and the President… but the oil companies own all their asses, so nothing gets done.

    My only prayer is that these people in power will wake up and smell the decay of Mother Earth and start listening to us, the everyday folks. Sorry for ranting! Excellent poem, my first time here, thanks to Real Toads. Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

    1. Don’t worry Amy! Everything will be fine 🙂

      Thanks for visiting…

  8. The last line is quite a zinger … But I can’t help but think we have to first treat ourselves differently… or we will never care for mother earth properly. Sigh. Will we ever learn?

    1. Thanks Margaret! And I think, we’ll know about the pain of Mother Earth when there’ll be no chance to undo our actions…

  9. thnks dear for such a gud poem, it really worked out for me and by dis u realised many of us 2 take care of our mother earth and feel her pain by being a gud and responsible citizen.

    1. Hmmm…. we must plant more and more trees and should use less plastic!

      Thanks for visting 🙂

  10. Good very nice poem!!!

  11. Nice poem .fantastic work ,keep it up!!! All d bst!!!! 🙂 🙂

  12. Wish people wud come together to save Earth . Wonderful poem . Given a gr8 lurid account of whats happening to our mother.Keep up the good work!

  13. Beautiful creation!!!!!very good poem 🙂


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