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April 30, 2013 / Nikhil Jain

Poem: “My battle”

Today’s Prompt:  Find a shortish poem that you like, and rewrite each line, replacing each word (or as many words as you can) with words that mean the opposite.
So, here’s my poem that possesses the same meaning of the poem as that of original poem but the words replaced have opposite meanings. For this I rewrite the Poem “Life’s Own Battle” by Emma Jackson. You can read it here.

Wanted concord
yet you repress peace
Each time I praised you made me weaker than now
I will hold out
I will hold up
You will make me rise
I will make you give up

30/30 NaPoWriMo

©Li’l Poet NJ ( Nikhil Jain ) 2013

Miss you NaPoWriMo 2013!


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