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June 19, 2013 / Nikhil Jain

Poem: ” The Inspirational Tree” (Updated)

This is the updation of my poem “The Inspirational Tree” written for NaPoWriMo challenge.

Hiding from my mother
In my garden,I buried thee deep inside,
After years of rains and sunlight
There thou proudly rise;
Sitting on thine branches
I ate up all thy fruits,
Sitting under thee
I had seen thine growing shoots;
Thou saved me in the rains
while I rested in thy shade,
The peace of mind, you gave me
that nobody have ever had;

Changing colour
Thy old leaves in Autumn,
Fragile feathery fall down
and touch the bottom;
Thine newborn greeny leaves
welcome then the spring,
And on thy branches
Birds celebrate and sing;
In my worried working days
Thou replenish me with elation,
Thou art not a tree, I say
but a growing inspiration.

This poem is published at Inspiration Unlimited e-magazine at here.
Thanks for reading, friends. Stay inspired 🙂

©Li’l Poet NJ ( Nikhil Jain ) 2013


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