Short Story: “Reward is for only those who deserves” 

Once there was a time when miracles were no big deal. Some distance away from a holy river somewhere a young and hardworking boy belonged to a poor family. He used to work in other’s fields for earning his meal. He was known for his kind heartedness and for helping every single person in trouble.
One day while working in the farm, he found a piece of glass shining under the hot sun. It was well cut with beautiful finish.
The city was mesmerised by its beauty and the riches offered him the highest price for it. But, greed couldn’t change him and he refused to sell it.
When he came back home and showed the shining glass to her mother, she touched that piece of glass and suddenly its another replica was created at the same moment. They both were amazed to see this replica which was same in all properties to that of original one except that only the original piece can create its other replicas.
He started gifting the replicas to the needy people to free his village from poverty. Whenever poor people showed him, he let them touch the mighty glass and give them its replicas. They sell it for money and fulfill their all needs. 
After working in farm for many years,  one day the young man felt that the piece of glass weighed heavy. He took it out of his pocket and saw with surprise. That piece of glass was not glass anymore.  It turned out into gold.
With great excitement, he came down village to see the happy faces of the villagers whom he helped. But he was disappointed when he found out that there was no one in this village whose glass-piece turned out into gold and most of them lost it. He sat down beside a river and started thinking and talking to that piece of gold, knowing that it would not answer.
But all of a sudden,  a voice touched his ears answering his questions. He turned behind and looked at everywhere but he was the only person sitting there with that piece of gold alone.  He noticed that it was that gold’s voice which was trying to teach him a very important lesson.
The gold revealed him that none of the villagers were happy with the gifted replicas. They were wholly dependent on it for the fulfillment of their needs and forgot their spirit of hard-work. But, appreciated the boy as he was very loyal to his work that even the greed couldn’t delude him. That was the reason for the piece of glass rewarded him with gold and the villagers were left cursed.

Moral“There’s no shortcut to Hard-Work.”


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Nikhil’s Poems & Writings 2016



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