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February 14, 2017 / Nikhil Jain

Poem: “Conscience”

Depends what is held within
Is it globule of air or droplet of rain?
Ne’er the shades of bright-dark colours
does the flight of a balloon abstain;
Success possess lust to masses
while the warrior prepares for his call,
Inside there his burning desire
decides whether he’d rise or fall;

How can a vessel filled once
dream of carrying holy water?
My friend! The mind is everything
As if it is clay, you’re the potter;
What you were searching outside
found ’tis underneath you,
Ne’ er let your fears grow behind
while the opportunity rests for a few;

Neither ropes can tie his desire
Nor obstacles can divert his way,
Until he fights, Victory will await
but, with a price for him to pay;
Maybe you get tired someday, Soldier!
and leave it all on the hands of the Lord,
Trust me, nothing will ever change
believe yourself and pick up the sword;

©Copyright Protected : Nikhil’s Poems & Writings 2k17


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