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April 12, 2017 / Nikhil Jain

Poem : “Alone” 

Should I consider it my strength
or Is it a weakness? 
A great confusion! 
and a faith in self, 
Can it be the bright side 
or is it the opposite one? 
There are times, I have the choice 
and few times, I am chosen;
Fear might have taught us
to gave our hearts to solitude, 
Or, might it be our so-called greatness
that took up the reins of all lives by self;

Does happiness come
when you are with someone? 
or is it a feeling? 
maybe a reflection
of so-called satisfaction, 
Alone! A Word or a Question?
maybe ’tis the decision, 
That write the destiny for all
based on different reactions;
Always its definition is judged
While checkpoints are crossed, 
Choose it as a strength rooted in self
or accept it as the symbol of sympathy. 

©Copyright Protected :Nikhil’s Poems & Writings.



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