Welcome Friends!


How it all started! 

This is eBIZer Nikhil Jain and I’m here to share my part of eBIZ Journey. I belonged to a middle-class family and used to have big dreams since childhood, but the only thing missing was a platform.

At an early age, I got an opportunity to witness the paper presentation of life-changing mission eBIZ.com Private Limited. Though I was ignorant of the power of this wonderful platform.

But as it is said, “Opportunity knocks at your door but only once.” So as expected, I grabbed this life-changing opportunity. 


eBIZ Journey 🙂

I joined eBIZ and started developing myself. I learnt the required Computer Courses of my educational field, groomed my personality, developed my Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Management Skills, Public Speaking Skills and improved my Spoken English.

When I was pursuing eBIZ in College Life, I used to be selected as an Anchor or Speaker in various Technical Events and Educational Seminars.

And as the journey went ahead, I became Self-dependent, used to bear my personal expenses and did materialistic achievements too but this is normal in eBIZ.And as what we eBIZers say about our this wonderful experience: eBIZ me aao, khud jaan jao!


And the Unexplained!

What I developed from eBIZ was feelings towards my organization, my family, my society and my nation. Through eBIZ, I participated in various social campaigns like Fruit Distribution camps, Blood Donation camps, Computer Literacy camps, Women Empowerment campaigns etc.

WeBIZers rather than throwing parties, better love to celebrate our birthdays and other special occasions in old-age homes and orphanages with the people who need our care and love the most.

eBIZ teaches us to celebrate every moment of life and to live the life full of Excitement and Enjoyment following the Ethics .

The five Ethics that eBIZ teaches us:









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